The best way of getting from Dubrovnik airport to city center


In this post, we’ll explain three most common ways of getting from Dubrovnik airport to city center and help you choose what suits you best.

1. Regular Bus line from the airport

This is by far the cheapest way of getting to the city center. Ticket costs around 5 EUR, you can buy it inside the bus, and you get off at the main city bus station which is in the part of the town called Gruž. The downside of this way of transportation is that you still have to manage how to get from the station to your final address. Dubrovnik is known as a city with a lot of stairs and sometimes it can be quite challenging walking upstairs with your luggage. There is also the possibility that you’ll have to get to another part of the city, so you’ll still need a cab or to catch a city bus.

2. Taxi service

Taxi station is close to the exit from the airport and it’s quite easy to grab one. Vehicles are usually clean and in good condition. The taxi will take you to wanted address so you easily avoid the problem from above when you take a regular bus line. But this is also the most expensive way of getting to the city center. It will usually cost you around 40 EUR depending on the driver. A taxi will only take you to your address but the drivers usually won’t help you with your luggage when you get there.

3. Transfer service

Your chauffeur waits for you at the airport terminal gate holding a sign with your name written on it. Then, he helps you with your luggage and takes you to the vehicle. He will even help you with your bags when you get to your destination if you have a problem with a lot of stairs. The service is slightly cheaper than a taxi (35 EUR) and the price is fixed so you don’t have to worry being ripped off at the end of the ride. Booking a transfer in advance guarantees you a perfectly safe and comfortable transfer from Dubrovnik airport to city center at a fixed price of 35 EUR for a car transfer (up to 4 persons) and 42 EUR for a van transfer (up to 8 persons).

These three ways of getting from Dubrovnik airport to city center are the most common ones. We hope you’ll find this information useful!

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