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We found a lot of questions online about transfers to/from Dubrovnik Airport. People ask what are the best ways of transport. So here we’ll try to answer a few questions about transfers in Dubrovnik area. We’ll concentrate only on transfer services since that’s what we do best.

1. Getting from Dubrovnik airport to hotel / accommodation in Dubrovnik


A lot of people are searching for transfers from Dubrovnik airport to their hotel. We offer complete service at best price! When you book your transfer through our contact form, our driver will wait for you at the terminal gate holding a sign with your name. He’ll help you with your luggage and drive you straight to your hotel or address of your choice. We have a regular fixed price of 35 EUR one way for a car transfer and 45 EUR for a van transfer. So when you get a confirmation email from our staff you no longer have to worry how to get from dubrovnik airport to your hotel.

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2. Getting from Dubrovnik Airport to Budva


There is quite a number of people who have no other connection to Budva Montenegro than through Dubrovnik Airport. They have to find the best way of getting from Dubrovnik airport to Budva. There are few options. First one is a bus ride which can be quite long since there is a border to cross, and usually during the summer it could mean waiting for more than an hour since buses have a different procedure than regular cars. The other one is taxi/transfer to Budva. Taxi service is a little bit more expensive than transfer service but they basically offer the same service. We offer the fixed price of 120 EUR for a one-way transfer from Dubrovnik airport to Budva. You don’t have to worry about the time it’ll take to cross the border and what taxi meter will show at the end of the ride. You pay a fixed price and that’s it. Also, the driver will wait for you at the airport and help you with anything you need, so there is no need of finding a taxi while carrying your luggage across the airport. In our opinion transfer service is the best and most comfortable way to get from Dubrovnik airport to Budva.

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3. Transfer from Dubrovnik to Split


A lot of people come visit Dubrovnik first and then they want to go to Split to continue their travel through Croatia. Since it’s quite close (approx. 230km), we don’t have flights from Dubrovnik to Split. So you have three options – bus, taxi/transfer or boat. Traveling by bus can be quite an adventure and a long trip since you have a border to cross. Boat ride unless you take a speedboat transfer lasts half day since the boat has many stops along the way. If you’re not in hurry it could be a nice trip. But the quickest and most comfortable way of getting from Dubrovnik to Split is by transfer/taxi. Taxi is a bit more expensive. You always have that risk of traffic jam especially on the border with Bosnia, and when you enter the city of Split so in that case taxi meter can show a little bit more than you expected. If you book a transfer from Dubrovnik to Split you get fixed price of 210 EUR for one way, no matter how long the trip takes. You get a professional driver to help you with anything you need during your trip.

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4. Transfer from Dubrovnik to Mostar


Mostar is a very popular destination to Visit while in Dubrovnik. Some people like group tours with tourist guides and some like to go there on their own. We’re here for the second group. If you need a transfer from Dubrovnik to Mostar, and you want to explore it on your own we provide that kind of service at a fixed price of 140 EUR one way.

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5. Transfer from Dubrovnik airport to Cavtat


Cavtat is quite close to the Dubrovnik airport, but still not close enough to be able to get there without transportation. The quickest way is taxi/transfer from airport to Cavtat.  The price is 17 EUR for a car transfer and 25 EUR for a van transfer anywhere in Cavtat city area. If you need to get to your hotel this is probably the best option. You can book in advance and have complete peace of mind since our driver will check your flight arrival time and be there just on time, holding a sign with your name at the terminal gate. He’ll drive you perfectly safe from airport Dubrovnik to Cavtat.

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We hope this post made it easier for you to decide how to get to your destination from Dubrovnik airport!

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